trendingreen: eco-philosophy

what we have done

Our Eco-philosophy is tangible.

We have incorporated environmental factors into decision making through analysis and life cycle thinking to reduce environmental impacts.

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green design

Products are designed...

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water management

Trend, following
the mandated...

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energy efficiency

Energy efficiency programs...

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The ingredients of our products...

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material & resources

The consumption and cost...

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green guarantee

We collaborate
with leading...

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green community

In our effort
to reduce...

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“The mission of TREND GROUP is to be one of the world's leading producers of decorative glass, and engineered surfaces.

Using advanced technology, our distinct Italian heritage, and imaginative design, we will create inspiring surfaces that enable dreams for beautiful and sustainable environments.

Through our commitment to this mission we will provide a responsible future for our company, people, customers and planet."

To enable dreams for beautiful and sustainable environments.

green path