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september 2010

green community trendingreen restsyling

trendingreen restsyling!

A wider perspective on our Ecophilosophy, more effective tools to navigate each topic, more space dedicated to green products, images and references.
The new Trendingreen website is a showcase of dynamic contents, frequently updated with useful information about the "green side" of the company and new features to involve users.
Don't miss the calculator of the % of our green collections (coming soon) and the screensavers available for download!


august 2010

prodotti garanzia-eco green-community us Cleantech homes

US Cleantech homes

Trend green products cover floors and surfaces of a sustainable and energy efficient US building: the Teaching Center For High Performance, Sustainable Green Building Practices by Cleantech Homes, one of the main associations involved in the dissemination of the best green building practices.
After four years in the making, this showcase home in Beverly (MA) is being used as a prototype to show high-performance technologies as well as green designed products and materials. It has applied for LEED Platinum Certification.

More info click here.


may 2010

prodotti garanzia-eco green-community Trend Plus innovates installation

Trend Plus innovates installation

Trend lab launches a new version of TREND PLUS. The innovative technology to support the sheets of glass mosaic reduces by 55% the use of PVC, featuring only 100 grams per meter instead of 220 gr. This evolution involves a smaller amount of PVC, decreases the weight of the installed material and thus its durability. Trend Plus is the first mosaic with back support certified by the German SAURO FLIESNER - Vereinigung E. V. for use in swimming pools.
In line with the Eco-philosophy that leads the company to a responsible use of natural resources, Research & Development activities to reduce the impact of the installation of the materials go on.


december 2009

prodotti garanzia-eco environmental friendly innovation prize

"environmental friendly innovation" prize

Feel mosaic and Touch agglomerate collections by Trend are nominated for the Environmental Friendly Innovation Award (Premio Innovazione Amica dell'Ambiente) sponsored by Legambiente Innovation Foundation (Fondazione Legambiente Innovazione) with Regione Lombardia and Milan Chamber of Commerce.


september 2009

green-design prodotti materiali Trend collections become green

Trend collections become GREEN

Trend extends the use of recycled glass to the most appreciated collections of its catalogue, reaching up to 78% of post-consumer recycled glass, that is to say glass derived from already used every-day glass bottles and containers.

To discover in detail the recycled glass percentage in each product click here.


october 2009

garanzia-eco ISO 14001:2004 certification

ISO 14001:2004 certification

Vivaro (Pordenone – Italy) is the first ISO 14001:2004 certified Trend production plant!

With the adoption and implementation of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Management System Trend is committed to ensuring compliance with legislation in the field of Environment, Health and Safety at Work and optimize operational performance, expand the market, reduce environmental impacts, continuously improve the safety conditions at work (Certificate of Compliance
N° EMS-2802/S, 11/18/2009

Click here for download certificate.


june 2009

garanzia-eco GREENGUARD certification

GREENGUARD certification

All Trend's agglomerates are GREENGUARD Children & School certified, the most prestigious certification by Green Environmental Institute (GEI). It certifies that Trend's slabs do not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and guarantee the air quality of indoor environments. According to this certification Trend's engeneered surfaces (agglomerates) can help fulfill creditIndoor Environmental Quality under the LEED Rating System.

Click here for download certificate.


may 2009

materiali packaging re-design

packaging re-design

From the last may a shrink wrapping film realized with 70% recycled plastics is successfully tested and adopted for the shipping operations in Vivaro PN (Italy) production plant. At the same time we also start to collect the waste film. The result is a 30% cost reduction. For all Trend plants' corrugated boxes and separators we currently use ecofriendly kraft paper, 100% post consumer recycled, without  hazardous chemicals and again recyclable.


february 2009

materiali green-community digital catalogues

digital catalogues

Trend introduces a digital version of all its catalogues. It is part of the green strategy to reduce printing and reduce consumption of paper.

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september 2008

green-community cersaie 08 cersaie 08 mytrendtv


Feel and Touch are presented at Cersaie 2008

Based on a visionary project by architect Angelo Jelmini, Trend booth is a concrete manifestation of the Eco-philosophy of the company. The 160 square meter space (1720 sqf), is designed to be a garden-home with brilliant tones of green and hearty tones suggesting a direct link with nature.
Trend's 2008 presence at Cersaie shows a clear and precise new vision. It is the expression of the Eco-Philosophy and what it stands for: do not pollute, recycle. It is the beginning of a new era, a new ethical approach that focuses on all the different components of the life of a global company. Feel and Touch are the result of this first attempt, and then the mosaic magically turns into a series of fresh, intriguing and fun designs in the new Wallpaper collection.
This is just the beginning of a new life for Trend that with humility and optimism is learning how to reduce its environmental impact and increase its results: a long and difficult process that requires human and financial resources.


august 2008

materiali green-community

A new website devoted to green issues goes on-line!

With this new space, Trend wants to show its commitment to change. It contains clear info on everything green, all the action Trend is taking to change the way has done business since it founding days. It will collect all the data about our progresses and it is an instrument for customers and consumers to survey and review our actions. At the same time its intent in the long run is to become a place for the Trend community, where it is possible to share experiences, interact and feel we are all in this together.


july 2008

green-community dream green

green team

The Green Team is born. A new intra-company team that unites people from our companies in Italy, USA, Australia and India.
Following the lead of our green consultant, the Green Team is formed and it is immediately operational. It has to study and create the new environmental policy for Trend and all the necessary steps for the implementation of it. A study on packaging materials is initiated in order to introduce carton boxes with recycle content and to eliminate the use of Styrofoam.


june 2008

green-design prodotti materiali feel and touch mytrendtv

feel and touch

The production of a new mosaic line with high content of post consumer recycled glass starts. This collection is called: Feel. Trend Italy chooses the name Touch for a new line of engineered surfaces done with post consumer recycled glass.
We told everybody to "Dream Green", now we are giving you the possibility to feel and touch green by materializing these two words with two new collections that can be used in every application, thus make your dream come true.
Two new lines and a new attitude: move aside, walk with us, Dream Green!


may 2008

green-community premio-dedalo-minosse premiazione-dedalo-minosse dedalo-minosse-logo

Dedalo-Minosse Prize

For the seventh edition of the Dedalo-Minosse Architecture International Prize for Commissioning a Building, Trend awards the first prize for Sustainability to the new Headquarters of WWF in Utrecht (Netherlands), for the inspirational use of recycled material and renewable sources. Originally and old farms in the 50', right in the middle of a natural paradise called the "green triangle", WWF has create a new building through a process of restoration and re-modernization, showing that it is possible to create an environment that lives in harmony with its surroundings. All the materials used are "eco-logical": the exterior is in ceramic and wood, the walls are made in clay and felt to regulate the insulation and the acoustic. Other recycled materials are used in the decoration of the building, like old carpets and used tires. The entire building has zero emissions; the energy for the operation is obtained through the use of solar panels and by using geo-thermal solutions.

Customer of the project: WWF
Project by: Thomas Rau

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april 2008

green-community fuori salone del mobile 08 fuori salone del mobile 08 remade in italy salus per aquam mytrendtv

the eco-philosophy

Trend introduces its Eco-Philosophy at the 2008 International Furniture Fair in Milan (Salone Internazionale del Mobile): a new ethical approach, a new starting point for business.
The Giant Penguin becomes the symbol of the event and DREAM GREEN becomes our motto.

Do not pollute, recycle! In a sound bite this is Trend's Eco-philosophy: a cultural shift intended to change the way our people behaves in their life and at work; a new attitude in business that was presented in Milan at the Ingegnoli Gardens, during the event Nidi d'Uomo (men's nests) Milano Green Project.
The event is the creation of Angelo Jelmini (art director) and PatriziaPozzi (landscape architect).
The nest as human habitat and so with eco-bio compatible products, green products and a built environment inspired by the harmony of the natural habitat.

A series of giant leaf-shaped chairs and arches covered in mosaic create the center of a walking area paved in engineered surfaces, the scenery is animated with animals and trees; from the trees vaporized water is sprayed. Glass and water are a natural combination and a bottle of pure water is given to all the visitors.
The message is clear, do not waste water, it is too important for our future! As far as the glass, Trend will take care of it.

But this is not all; Trend participates to the fourth edition of Remade in Italy, an event created by Eco-design for Milan design week. Remade in Italy shows to the public innovative product with low environmental impact.

Finally a stop in the relaxing area of wellness for the design show Salus per Aquam (wellness through water), dedicated to products that sensually remind you of a relaxing environment for your body and mind.


february 2008

garanzia-eco analisi-lca

verification of environmental performance

Following a visit in Australia and a meeting with a green GECA consultant (Good Environmental Choice Australia), Trend starts a process to understand the implication of going green. The GECA certification is a multi criteria label based on life cycle assessment (LCA). GECA has defined a series of standard for hard surfaces including, but limited to, engineered surfaces and glass mosaic.


january 2008

garanzia-eco gbc italy


The Italian Green Building Council is founded, Trend becomes one of its first members.


october 2007

green-community cracking art cracking art mytrendtv

cracking art

With a very colorful event at the Main office of Trend in Italy, Villa alle Scalette, Trend enters in the world of recycling. From the colorful animals done with 100% recycled plastic, the penguin in Karma glass is born and it will symbolize from now on the Eco-philosophy and our commitment to the environment.

Trend Group opens the doors of Villa alle Scalette for over 300 animals in various sizes: recycled plastic, gold and glass are the various finishing. The event is organized in collaboration with the artists from the group called Cracking Art.
Penguins and Bears have transformed the Villa in Arctic scenery, where the gold mosaic of their "modern fur" creates an imaginary dance of lights. The gold mosaic is hand made suing a very thin gold leaf protected by two layers of glass. Other animals are "dressed" with a tailored Karma.
Trend has always been a promoter of contemporary art and the feeling with Omar Ronda, founder of the vanguardist movement Cracking Art, was immediate also for their strong environmental commitment. Matter of a fact, the term "cracking" relates to the process of transformation of crude Oil into virgin Kerosene, basic element for the production of synthetic materials like plastic. Cracking Art uses recycled plastic to shape endangered species of animals, thus symbolically giving back to it its originally natural status.



green-design prodotti materiali R&D with recycled glass

R&D with recycled glass

The R&D department of Trend starts analyzing glass characteristic to use post consumer glass in its manufacturing process.

The difficult part of the process is the supply chain since in a lot of countries post or pre consumer glass is not divided by hue.
Once a supplier is selected, the initial testing starts to be sure of shades variation that can be obtained mixing recycled glass with fusion glass. The testing phase is important to establish overall technical characteristics of a new line.

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garanzia-eco gbc usa


In 2006, Trend USA launches TREND Q made using quartz, resin and a high content of post and pre consumer recycled glass. Trend also joins the US Green Building Council as a member.

Click here for download certificate.



green-design prodotti materiali trend Q

trend Q

Trend USA starts exploring the possibility of producing a line in the USA called Trend Q.
Starting form the experience done in Italy, Trend USA concentrates on the use of post consumer glass in the majority of its colors. Still pre-consumer glass is present because it is impossible to divide one from the other when it is purchased from recycling operations.



green-design prodotti materiali vivaro pn italy

cristallino and prezioso

Some of the first collections realized by Trend, slabs and tiles of engineered glass and quarts. In these two lines we experiment the use of pre-consumer glass.

In our manufacturing plant in Vivaro (Italy) we start the production of engineered surfaces. Thin, lightweight, extremely durable and with a unique aesthetic appeal: brilliancy and luminosity are the effect created by the pre-consumer glass grits.
Prezioso is made with the "waste" from our own production of glass mosaic, Cristallino is made with Pyrex glass from the automotive industry (windshields, rearview mirrors and lights), glass pots and so on.

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